The BugShop: The "Misc." Gallery

This page last modified- 11/2/01

This page is really for anything that doesn't "fit" on the other pages. Maybe VW stuff, maybe not, pictures I thought about sharing. Immediately below you will find links to a few other pages at this site that fall under the "miscellaneous" category.

Here's a picture of my "toy" collection on the shelf at my desk at work.

Lets see, the front row left to right:

In the Middle left to right: Back Row left to right:

Here's a picture of my "toy" collection at home (the Beetle "Shrine"). These things occupy a shelf in a wall unit in the "no" room (means kids are not allowed to touch)

Clockwise around from the front:

A couple Beetle books there in the background and those feather things are some masks (a la Mardi Gras) that we got at a big fundraiser party with a New Orleans theme. Nothing to do with VW, just thought they were cool and wanted to keep them.

This is the "Coffee Mug" Beetle hiding in the back in the picture above. It was at a Hallmark card store in a plaza across the street from an apartment I lived in years ago. I would go in there to get cards every once in a while and see it. But it was like $17 and I kept saying "naaaa." But then I would feel guilty that it was unique and I might never get it. I told my (then) fiancee about it and she bought it for me for Christmas. The wheels have axles and actually roll (is that really good feature for a coffee cup?).

I really like this thing. You can't really see it in the picture, but the top separates just along the bottom edge of all of the windows. It is ceramic and hand painted. My wife pointed out after I took the picture that it probably wasn't a good idea to take a picture of a blue car against a blue (recliner) background. Sorry.

Tour my workbench

In the very first version of the BugShop, this picture adorned the top of the main page. Eventually I opted for something with a VW in it and then I went to a very simple main page. But the concept of "touring" my workbench was too cool not to put somewhere, so I transplanted it here. Been a while since I took the pictures, but it is pretty much the same. Usually has a bunch of parts, tools and unfinished projects on it though.

OK, this is actually the back of my 8 ft work bench in my garage. It was taken as 4 separate shots with a digital camera and then "assembled" using Photofinish 1.0 from Z-Soft (look close, can you see all 3 "seams"?).

 From left to right you can see:

So that's it. Just when you thought you'd seen it all on the web. A fully documented workbench setup.