The BugShop: Project '57, Cost Summary

This page last modified- 11/2/01

I was going to call this page the Project '57 "Budget", but even I have to admit that there is NO budget for this project. I don't mean to sound like I have more money than I know what to do with, but I can truly say that there is nothing I didn't do for expense reasons. I may fall short of perfection for experience or ability reasons, but writing a check or reading off a credit card number on the phone is not something I'm going to fail at.

I have been telling people, and myself, that I am only doing this level of restoration once. And as best I can tell, I will only do it once, but a golden rule of mine is to never say never. It is a way of containing disappointment in my life. But even more certain is the fact that have NO plans of parting with this car. One of the things that you quickly realize when do a restoration of this level, and you see the prevailing market values for restoreds, is that you'd be better off just going down to the horse track with your money than thinking that you are going to make money restoring and selling VWs. You do it because you love it, because you want to. And doing it for those reasons pretty much insures that you won't ever let it go either.

Unless some guy offers to trade me a mostly complete '51 split with only slightly rotted heater channels for it.

Below is a "HTML'ized" Microsoft Excel table that I use to keep track of the costs of the project. I was pretty good at keeping it updated and accurate until I got near the end.  I think I might have left off some stuff.  But I truly believe that I put about $12,000 into the car when it was all said and done (plus a "few hours" of my time).  Would I sell it?  Well, read this, if you must ask.


Date Description Parts Supplies/Servcies Source
Oct 1, 91 1957 VW $2,000.00    
  Bumpers & Misc Sheet Metal $120.00    JC Whitney
1992  Left Front Quarter $160.00    Wolfsburg West
  Spare Rim $5.00     
  Box of NOS parts $100.00     
Mar 94 Corroless & Chassis Black   $44.00  Eastwood Company
  Paint Supplies, MEK   $25.00  Building 19 1/5
  Trans gaskets, & misc chasis seals $165.00    Wolfsburg West
Mar 94 Scotchbrite pads   $16.00  Eastern Auto Paint
Apr 7, 94 Brake Shoes, Hub cap clips, seals $87.33    Wolfsburg West
Apr 11, 94 Variprime, Dulux Blk, Laquer thinner   $66.38  Eastern Auto Paint
May 22, 95 BFY; misc HW and rubber $35.00    BFY
Jun 95 Rear wheel cyl, King & Link Pin set $100.00    Wolfsburg West
Jun 95 Chassis blk paint,spot weld tool, trim pnt   $43.00  Eastwood Company
Jul 95 Corroless, undercoating   $22.00  Eastwood Company
Jul 95 Sandblast front beam and rims   $100.00  Lightning Bug Farm
Jul 95 Mics replacement metric HW $10.00    local
Jun 97 Front Clip $85.00    Chuck Weber
Nov 21, 97 Sandblast clip   $30.00  Prep Rite
Nov 21, 97 Primer, prep sol     Whitings
July 1998 Hood seal reatiner strips $15.00    Wolfsburg West
Aug 21, 1998 Clutch cable, bosy to pan rubber, gas tank screen $55.95    Wolfsburg West
Aug 28, 1998 Sandblasting, 4 fenders, 2 doors, decklid, gas tank, hood   $315.00  Prep Rite
Nov 12, 1998 Sandblasting, Body Shell, small parts   $330.00  Prep Rite
Nov 12, 1998 Engine Bay seals, headlight conduit, pan to body bolts $49.00    Wolfsburg West
Nov 12, 1998 Carpet Retainer strips (actually had 3 pr. made) $15.00    Astro Crane
January 1, 1998 4 Wide whitewall Firestone 15x5.60 (slightly used) $385.00    Tom Mann
April 10, 1998 Body work and paint   $3,116.00  Whiting's Autobody
April 5, 1999 Wolfsburg West "big" order {note 1} $1,150.04    Wolfsburg West
May 3, 1999 Sandblasting 10 rims and 5 lisence plates   $65.00  Prep Rite
June 7, 1999 5th whitewall tire (spare) $108.00    Coker Tire
May 26, 1999 Interior clips and L75 Biege paint $41.44    Wolfsburg West
May 28, 1999 Spies HS and Red-Brown primer, Black paint    $152.00  Finishmaster
June 8, 1999 Door Handle, TL trim chrome, decklid handle $95.00    NE Classic swap meet
July ??  Body work and paint, fenders door and rims $1400.00 Whiting's Autobody
Totals   $4,781.76  $5,724.38   
  Total Parts and Supplies:  $10,506.14     


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