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The Bay State VW Owner's Club summer "Invasion of Riley's" cruise.  June is packed with VW shows, and Agust has one big one, but July is kind of a "dead" month in the New England area VW-wise.  So the club planned an "invasion" of a popular local hot rod cruise night, with a crusie leading up to it. 
The Bay State VW Owner's Club Spring Dust off Cruise.  As usuual in this part of the country, VW enthusiasts were chomping at the bit to get their cars out and drive them, and this year's spring dust off cruise was the biggest yet.
10/13/01 5456 Trip The re-scheduled Litchfield show.  I was beginning to feel that old Oval was feeling neglected. I had been driving my new split a lot in the late summer.  That, and the fact that Humberto Lapa was debuting a new '50 sunroof prompted me to take my oval.  I followed Gary Constantine down who trailered his beautiful  '56 Sunroof to the show.  The car ran very well, and this time the weather was perfect.

I took the car to my son's soccer game the next weekend, then rolled it into the Beetlebox for the winter. 

10/9/01 5120 Trip/Service Drove the '57 to work.  Had just got the  '50 in the new Beetlebox, and had to get the '57 out and ready for the Litchfield show Oct 13th anyway. And the wife's minivan needed to go to the dealer for some warranty work.  So on a bright, pretty Fall day I took the car to work.  The night before I set the points gap.  It had closed up a bit

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