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This page last modified- 11/19/01

I truly can't take credit for this idea. I got the idea from Mel Pernice's site, that I should have a "Thanks to:.." page. There are many people without whom I could never have completed this restoration.  I acknowledge them here in no particular order. 

- Tom Whiting at Whiting's Auto Body - 

No, Tom didn't paint my car for free, but I did learn a ton about autobody work, techniques and materials at his shop. I hung out there, used his tools and asked questions more than he would have probably liked. 

- Tony Moore and the great folks at Wolfsburg West

Without fail, Tony and his gang were there to answer all kinds of technical questions and details about their products. I must have sent 20 e-mails just "qualifying" their parts before I ordered. Tony and his guys consistently replied quickly with honestly answers about product availability, manufacture and price. When there were a few problems (some even caused by me), they quickly made them right, a few times offering to ship things to me on credit that I needed right away. Tony seemed genuinely interested in helping me complete my '57.

- Dave and Eric at Prep Rite in Tewsksbury, MA - 

These guys did all my sandblasting. Panels, body, rims, seat frames, small parts. The do excellent work and meet their quoted turnaround times. 

- Kevin Kraft at Kraft Tire and Auto - 

A great tire shop in my hometown. Kevin worked with me on some freshly painted rims and mounted and balanced a total of 9 tires on the "wide-5" lug VW wheels. (we used an old brake drum with the bearing races tapped out for an "adapter") 

- John Willis from Dallas, Texas - 

John pulled me out of a hole when I was really starting to panic about finding (or not being able to) a chrome vertical piece for my passenger side door. It was threatening to to stop the whole project right in its tracks. John dug one up and sold it to me for a very reasonable price. 

- Those VW Nuts at RAMVA

Not just for some good technical advice, but being there in "spirit" too, encouraging me all along the way and complimenting me on my results. 

- ...and for course, my Wife and kids...

.. for putting up with me and my "hobby". For endless nights in the garage, countless dollars spent, greasy transaxles in the back of "her" car, getting them up at the crack of dawn to get to a VW show when the gates open and other Sundays daddy's gone from 6:00 AM to dinnertime for VW events. To my son for my insisting on reading "Hot VWs" before bed some nights, instead of "Goosebumps". To my daughter for having to learn how not to step on the carpeted door sill when getting in and out of the '57 (and not putting feet on the back of the front seats). And to my wife for understanding how thousands of dollars spent on metal and rubber parts can bring me happiness (remember, "better than me being out at the bars", you said it yourself). Your car can now go back into the garage every night (except when the '50 sunroof is over there on "her" side ). Thanks.  Hope you guys enjoy riding around in "Zinny" as much as I do. Ok, at least half as much..... 


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