The BugShop: Stories/Rants

This page last modified- 11/2/01

Maybe you can tell by now that I write alot. Mostly I like to write. I like to inject humor and visuals while describing events. Mostly I like to write about experiences travelling. This page is the "index" to various literary works of mine. Some have nothing to do with VWs but as I still chuckle reading them, I thought others might enjoy them also. And since text takes up almost insignificant space on a server, why not?

The Northeast Classic 6/7/98-  and some thoughts on "swap meeting" at VW shows

Trip to Singapore-  Humorous, non-VW reading

The 700 Mile Parts Run-  All in one day

The Jesus Handle-  A true harrowing experience of mine (published)

Riches to Rags-  A detailed analysis of the lifecycle of the cotton T-shirt

"Is it for Sale?"-  How to answwer this question when someone looks at your recently completed, multi-year, multi thousand dollar restoration.

"Layers"- old paint mixer tells tales

"Stripping Forms"- A day in the North Rubber factory