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I thought about calling this page "Treasures from the Loft" or something like that, but the reality of is, it is not all treasure, some of it just plain old common VW parts that has collected at my house. Aircooled stuff first, then watercooled, then any stuff that I am looking for.

Prices do not include shipping. To estimate shipping try UPS or US Postal Service. Both sites have freight estimators, my ZIP is 01752.

And please be patient, this page may take a while to load. 

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Stuff for Sale

Sorry for the long download, I didn't have the time or the ambition to create real thumbnails. The pics below, when they appear, are all loaded into your browser's cache full size. Click on them to get an instant full size pic, use "back" to return here.
Looks to be a '64 -'66 (I think) left fender. Very nice used condition, no rust or major dents, very straight. WILL NOT SHIP, must be picked up in Eastern MA. $30
SWF Single speed 6 volt wiper motor, L 113 955 111, mint condition. Correct for '52-'61. One of the earliest 6 volt, "parking" wiper units. If you in to "correct", this is the one. $50
Lower front seat valance, metal, passenger side used in '67, not sure what other years.  Picture shows front and back side of valence, this is not a pair.   $15
'55 - 59 doors One is a shell only. Other complete w/panel, glass, reg., etc., but outer surface was stripped of paint and is now surface rusty. Hinges all perfect, not seized, not floppy. MUST be picked up, NOT willing to ship. $200 pr, will not separate.

Vent window glass, '64 and earlier Beetles. Left, Sekurit "large letter", minor scratches. $20 
Bilstein jack latch. This is the latch that secures the jack inside the spare tire well on the right side of the car. It was carefully drilled out of a trashed front clip (no holes). Could be MIG'ed back on, or drilled and bolted. $2 
Hood emblem, aluminum, 3 round post mount $1. 
Door winder handles, original VW, '55-'66. Chrome good, some pits but shiny. $5 for both. 
"T" handle for "W" decklid, '52-'64. Have two all in good-fair condition. $7 each. 
Vertical separator bar for passenger side door (the piece between the moving and vent windows). No seals, chrome is only fair. Worn off, not pitted. These bars can be modified for use on either side (see page 16 of my '57 resto series) by drilling off and re-welding the bracket on the "inside the door" end. I went to the ends of the earth to find one of these things, this is the one I replaced. $25 
Visor clips, white, has part number 111-561 on bag. New. Fits '67 and other years same as that one. $2 pr. 
Headlight Bucket with adjusting frame, '67 and up, $5 plus shipping. 
Window sashes for single point lift regulators. This is the metal "sleeve" that holds the bottom of the glass and usually rusts out. They have a single tab with 2 bolt holes. I think was found on '70 and up regulators. WILL NOT work for one piece windows, have rubber seals with them, perfect condition, may even be new, I can't remember when I got them. $5 for the pair plus shipping. 
"Drop Channel" for '64 and earlier convertible rear quarter window. This is the "guide track" for the back edge of the quarter window inside the rear quarters. Cleaned, painted with Eastwood's "Corroless" and gray enamel. $20 plus shipping. 

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Various wiper shafts I collected after I found them to wear out easily, leak water and hard to find good used ones. Most have 3 digit numbers on them. Inquire for price. 

Front bumper from '87 Cabrio. Includes bolts, turn signals and wiring. Original connectors intact, nothing cut. One end piece is damaged, but useable. Includes all black plastic trim and brackets. I will not sell parts off of this bumper, it's all or nothing.   $75 Click here for photo
Convertible top frame from '87 Cabrio. Includes rear header bow with plastic insert to receive staples and all other cross members. No frame to glass seals or seal retainer channels. No rear window frame. Shipping costs may be substantial.   $80 Click here for photo
Pair of taillights from '87 Cabrio. Includes bulb holders and wiring covers, will only sell as a pair..   $30 for both. Click here for photo
Rear Bumper w/plastic trim from '87 Cabrio.   $45 
Plastic door sill trim from '87 Cabrio   $10 pr 
Hinge covers, black. From '87 Cabrio.   $10 pr 
Rear cargo area cover from '87 Cabrio. Hardboard with black carpet covering. One corner of hardboard is cracked, but easily fixed and not detectable from top side.   $10 
Convertible top padding from '87 Cabrio. Used but in good shape. Top fabric torn a bit, underside perfect.   $15 
Wiper mech from '85 Cabrio, complete with all mounting hardware, no arms or blades. $20 
Stock rear sway bar from mid eighties Jetta (non-GLi). $15 

Don't really need it, but always looking for any Oval or Split Beetle stuff. Taillights, wiper arms/blades, accessories, etc.