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YOU are responsible for your own actions

You were even before you read this.  This gun is extremely DANGEROUS, it is capable of severe injury and easily death.  Don't even think about holding me responsible if you  make this gun and cause damage, injury or death.

This gun is also easy to build, amazing, incredible and impressive (and did I mention dangerous?).  Now if you have heard of potato guns before, used to build "hairspray guns", knew a kid on your street who had one, taped tennis ball cans together and used lighter fluid to shoot stuff, let me be very clear: this is not that kind of gun.  This gun makes those look like rubber band guns.  They are toys in comparison.  These pneumatic (means "air powered") guns are significantly more powerful.

All you need as about $15 worth of PVC from Home Depot, some PVC glue, some simple tools (OK, maybe the tools you really need to do this right aren't so simple, but I digress...) and circle shaped piece of flexible plastic.   Oh, and good sized compressor (the expensive "part").

This page will show you how to build a Pneumatic Potato Gun, and there are many other pages on the web that will too.  Just search on "Potato Gun.", "Spud Gun", "Potato cannon", etc., you'll find plenty.  You might have even ended up here from a link at one of those other sites.

I put this page up because I think these guns are very cool, and very impressive.  But potato guns aren't my hobby (click here to see what my real hobby is), I don't have tons of time to keep building up this page (I manage at least 5 other sites), so what you see is what you get.

Updated 21 Oct 2002